The Fancy-Lady Board Shorts: Would You Ever?

The rules of formal wear are constantly changing, becoming more like suggestions every day. Pant suits replace gowns, a casual fabric like denim makes appearances, and Charles James attire gets reinterpreted in unexpected (not-very-Charles-James) ways. We can look right to designer, and CFDA Swarovski Womenswear Nominee, Rosie Assoulin to predict the next tide change. Forget fancy pants — board shorts have just RSVP'd to the soiree.
In the recent debut of her resort '15 collection, Assoulin delivered the kind of bright-colored, structurally unique, red-carpet-moment-making designs for which she's already become known. However, what stood out most for us was the preponderance of surf shorts. Featuring the same wide stripes and lace-up ties you'd see on any seaside boardwalk, these shorts have been lengthened, widened, and paired with Assoulin's elegant knits and pointed pumps.
While the fashion industry has often pulled inspiration from surf culture, these statement-making athletic pants could become the next wave of evening-wear trends to break the mold. This is the resort collection we're talking about, after all. Ahead, Rosie's updated board shorts, as well as a few others that may convince you hang 10 with the trend.

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