Love ASOS’ Free Shipping? We Have Bad News

At this point, you're all probably out of the office, hopefully on your second margarita, and feeling like Tuesday is light-years away. So, we don't mean to be the ominous clouds that linger over your perfect weekend kickoff, but it's come to our attention that our ASOS addiction may now come with additional fees.
We've all been there: You're shopping at your desk, you happen to stumble upon a miraculously inexpensive find, and you hurriedly reach for your credit card, praying you can place the order before your boss catches you. Free shipping means you can order now, and decide later, right? Right — but not any more. Fashionista reports that the U.K. retailer will now only ship for free if the order is at least $25. Thankfully, your beloved free-return policy — for when you order a pair of shoes in two different sizes, just in case — is still standard.
Shipping for those under-$25 finds will cost $4 for international purchases (i.e., U.S.). But, instead of freaking out, think of this as a lesson in restraint. Or, perhaps a reason to buy a few pairs of sexy underwear instead of just one. Or, for the time being, just don't think about it at all — you have a margarita to finish. (Fashionista)

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