LIVE(ish) From The Other Woman Red Carpet Premiere!

They say you'll never forget your first time. For me, it was with Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, Leslie Mann, and Nicki Minaj. Yes, this week I went to Cal-i-for-ni-a to join the ranks of reporters that bring you red carpet coverage. I was psyched that my first real premiere would be surrounding The Other Woman, a movie starring such strong, funny, powerful women. The stars, Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton also have a few other things in common: strong cheekbones, stand-out style, and on-point interview skills.
So, I was thrilled to chat with them about what it takes to be a kick-ass female, what songs they pump up to for a girls' night out, and, of course, find out what they're like up-close-and-personal. Cameron Diaz was even more Cameron Diaz-y in person! I also snagged a rare Q+A with my BFF Nicki Minaj. (We've totally been texting ever since the premiere on Monday night.) Check out the video below and see the movie in theaters this weekend; it's gonna rain tomorrow, after all.
Edited by Christopher Michael Beer, Shot by Kasandra Baruch.


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