The Statement Necklace As We Know It Is About To Change

necklacePhoto: Courtesy of Forever 21.
What's more effective at making a T-shirt and jeans feel "effortless" and not just "sloppy"? What's the best way to imbue some liveliness into a collared shirt? What do we all have way too much of hanging from our jewelry stands? It's statement necklaces, and if you're starting to feel a bit fatigued by them, you're not alone. Statement-necklace designers are, too.
WWD reached out to a handful of jewelry designers known for their pile-it-on, more-is-more statement pieces, and it seems most are ready to ditch the chunky baubles altogether. Designer Gerard Yosca told the publication, "They've gotten a little cheap-looking. The statement necklace started high-end and it's kind of sunk down." And, despite the fact that statement necklaces account for a large portion of sales for many of the jewelry brands WWD interviewed (not to mention a big portion of the orders that buyers are placing), this kind of associative tarnishing has led many high-end brands to seek out more expensive, more complicated design elements that mass-market retailers have a more difficult time copying.
The difference, then, between statement necklaces of yore and the don't-call-them-statement statement necklaces of today? Well, first, they're moving somewhat away from the hodgepodge of rhinestones and gemstones to high-shine metallics. Second, they're coming in all different lengths and are meant to be worn layered. (Neck party, anyone?) And, third, they're getting smaller. Said Yosca, "They are coming down, so you have an impressive piece of jewelry that doesn't scream. We're making necklaces that look a little more real and a little less fantasy." So, if you've been wondering if you can let go and store your neon-colored baubles for the next few years, this should be the final, tiny push you need to bust out the tissue paper. Au revoir, friends! (WWD)

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