Your Lacy Panties Will Get You Arrested In Russia

lace-underwear-russiaPhoto: Courtesy of True & Co.
Your lacy underthings might be sexy, depending on where you shop they could be downright scandalous. But, in Russia, they could get you into some serious trouble. Yes, your underwear.
As reported by Marie Claire today, Russia is one of several countries in Eastern Europe that has put its foot down on the delicates trend. But, don't worry, the Customs Union — which exists between Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus — only has your health in mind. The crackdown is not a reaction to some lingerie-related lawlessness, but rather to save us all from a lack of absorbency perpetrated by lace and other synthetic materials. In other words, keep your undies cotton only. It's for your own good.
There have already been protests to the ban, like a movement in Kazakhstan that had women taking to the streets with lacy underthings on their heads. We don't think we'd hand over our Hanky Pankys so easily, either. Sure, we can appreciate that Russia is so committed to its citizen's health, but when the government's getting into everyone's lingerie drawers? That's where we draw the panty line. (Marie Claire)

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