D'oh! Is This The Capsule Collection Of Our Dreams?

Photo: Courtesy of A Bathing Ape.
From Marvel Comics to Sanrio to Super Mario Brothers, Japanese streetwear favorite A Bathing Ape's past collaborations pretty much reads identical to our list of favorite '90s obsessions. And thankfully, the line's latest venture is no exception — in fact, it might just be the best yet.
For 25 years, we've joyously welcomed The Simpson family into our own homes. We sympathized with Bart's embarrassment when receiving an 'F' on a test, we watched as Lisa became a vegetarian, and reminisced over the first time Homer and Marge met back in high school. And now, thanks to BAPE, the Simpson family's gaining a sixth member (well, temporarily): Baby Milo, the brand's iconic mascot.
The range features rad unisex hoodies (who wants to bet we spot one of these on Ms. Delevingne in the next month or so?), a varsity jacket that we've already ordered, perfect fitted T-shirts, and, of course, a couple rad snapbacks. Click through to see our favorites from the collection, then shop the entire collection here.

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