The Gowns We’d Wear To The Golden Globes

Ahh, awards season, that wonderful time of the year when movie buffs and fashion nerds can unite their passions. And, since we're both of those things, we'll absolutely be spending our Sunday watching E!'s round-the-clock, red-carpet coverage of the Golden Globes — and, you know, the actual ceremony, too. It's the healthy dose of entertainment and style we so desperately crave following the post-holiday slump that so many of us fall into. Plus, a Tina Fey-and-Amy Poehler-hosted show is must-see TV.
The really gritty, important question of the evening, though: Who will our favorite celebrities be wearing for the big event? J Lawr in Dior? Probably. How awesome would it be if Meryl showed up in an embellished jumpsuit and surprised us all? Pretty awesome, indeed. What's more, we can't help but imagine what we'd wear to the star-filled bash. After all, you never know when you'll need a fancy ball gown, right? So, just in case, we sourced 25 positively stunning frocks that'll make any girl feel like a winner — nomination or otherwise.
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