Year Of The Horse: 20 Ways To Channel Your Spirit Animal

Everyone knows that the New Year begins on January 1, but for nearly 4.3 billion Asians and Asian-Americans, it really starts on the 31st. That's when the moon enters a new phase of its 12-year cycle and marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year, a 15-day celebration that makes NYE look like child's play.
Okay, so maybe there's no ball drop, midnight making out, or backless minis. But, there are red envelopes filled with cash (cha-ching!), firecrackers in broad daylight, eight-course dinners with strong cognac and relatives you see once a year, and ancient traditions that don't quite make sense. Still, you follow 'em anyway.
This year's zodiac sign is the horse, and those born in this year are supposedly clever, competitive, smart, and strive for success — shout-out to mama! Of course, even if you don't celebrate the Lunar New Year, per se, we collected 20 ways to help you channel this year's spirit animal. From kitschy-cool tops emblazoned with horses and subtle, equestrian-inspired accessories to crimson outerwear for good luck (and good measure), the picks ahead will definitely get you in the spirit of things. They won't, however, get you those lucky red envelopes — sorry!

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