Rihanna's Epic NYE In NYC

Guys, Rihanna has seriously been one-upping us lately. First, she got a killer apartment in Soho (using three out of four bedrooms as closets for her equally killer wardrobe). Then, she put every trip we've ever taken into harsh perspective when she and Cara D vacationed in Barbados together. Now, we've got a good look at what RiRi did for New Year's Eve — and a glimpse inside that dream apartment of hers. Of course, it's all amazing.
Naturally, Rihanna had her nearest and dearest over for a dinner party. Then, once the clock struck midnight, the singer took her crew to the 40/40 club. We'll admit it: We're jealous. Click through to see how Ri welcomed 2014. When you get over your envy, the photos serve as awesome party — and home decor — inspiration.

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