Miranda Kerr’s A Single Mom, But Only Kind Of

rexusa_1837059rPhoto: D. DaSilva/REX USA.
It's been a few months since Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom split up, but the couple has proven that a celebrity divorce doesn't have to be a hot mess. In fact, it can be a completely amicable event — especially when the two are open about how they'll always love each other and focus their energies on supporting one another's careers and raising their son, Flynn. But, what has Kerr's life been like since she became single mother? Well, not very different, actually.
Indeed, Kerr's social life isn't wanting. E! Online reports that the model's been out with pals Miley Cyrus and Lily Allen. She also joined Leonardo DiCaprio for a dinner in Las Vegas with 15 mutual friends. Before you freak out, sources claim that there was zero flirtation between DiCaprio and Kerr. Besides, she may or may not be dating an Australian millionaire. On top of her personal engagements, Kerr landed herself a gig as the face of ShopStyle's first campaign. Oh, and she's still making plenty of time for her family, with regular outings with Flynn and Bloom.
The (fortunate) fact of the matter is that Kerr isn't a single mom in the traditional sense of the term. Though she and Bloom have separated, she's not raising Flynn all on her own. And, she's able to keep a fulfilling career and social life, rather than having to drop everything to go it alone as a parent. Really, Kerr isn't a single mom, but a mom who happens to be romantically single (for the moment). If only every celeb divorce could be so mature. (E! Online)