Middle Schoolers Show They’re Stronger Than Eating Disorders

jpeg-2Photo: Pachd.com.
We tend to look back on our middle school years as some of the most awkward. Our bodies weren't really proportioned yet, we had a bit of an acne problem, and don't even get us started on the pressures we faced. Didn't it kind of feel like, no matter what you did, you were still out of place? Or, that something was wrong with you?
Early teen years are such an important time for self-discovery. And, for young girls, it's also the age when you start to form opinions about your body — perhaps for the first time in your life. Unfortunately, more often than not, that's when you realize you don't really like what you see. The heavy use of photo-editing tools create an unrealistic image of what a woman's body can, or should, look like. And, to the young girl looking to define herself, a steady intake of these farfetched portraits can cause some serious issues — including anorexia and bulimia.
As part of a school project, a group of middle-school girls created a PSA about the realities of eating disorders. And, they nailed it. The video explores the experience of an eating disorder, identifying warning signs and real-world scenarios an anorexic or bulimic girl may find herself in. They also include information on how to get help and the unsightly consequences of not seeking assistance. We're so impressed with the way these youngsters have managed to not only create a powerful picture of such a serious issue, but garner some serious accolades in the process. The group won Best Student Film at 2013 Colorful Colorado Film Festival and first place in the Middle School Category of the My Hero International Film Festival.
We really hope this video is a sign of a heightened awareness among young girls — one that could make eating disorders less prevalent in the future. (Jezebel)