This Year’s Top Calorie Count Google Searches Might Surprise You

CaloriesIllustrated by Ly Ngo.
We're all guilty of it: Making our way onto Google to search for how many calories are in a food we're about to eat, want to eat, or already eat regularly. Sometimes, the results aren't as awful as we'd imagine, and we sigh with relief — but other times, they make us put down the Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha with whip and extra chocolate drizzle, much to our dismay.
Knowing that most people have probably looked up calorie information at least once, have you ever wondered how your food inquiries compare with the rest of the world's?
Well, as always, Google is here to answer another nagging — and rather inane — question. The search engine sums up the year based on queries from more than 70 countries. And, now, since it added in-depth nutrition information to its food-related search results (so you can type in a food and get a straight calorie answer from the U.S. Department of Agriculture), we can now see the nutrition queries people are typing in the most.
For 2013, egg, banana, beer, and oatmeal top the roundup. Coffee and sushi, as well as popcorn and wine (perhaps searched while watching Scandal?) also made the list.
What's probably most interesting about the results is how they compare with last year's. What was 2012's number-one Googled calorie count? McDonalds. And, it wasn't the only fast-food chain on the list. Chipotle and Subway were right there to keep it company.
So, what do these results really mean? Are we collectively improving our eating habits? Or are these chains just getting better at printing nutrition facts on their menus? Personally, we hope it's the former.
Click through to see the other foods that were most searched this year and last. (TIME)