Zosia Mamet's In Love, & You'll Never Guess With Who

Guys, it's official. We have converted Zosia Mamet. Sure, we might have guessed she was coming over to our side when she waxed poetic about Woody Allen (seriously, how much more New York can you get?), but her ASOS feature has confirmed our suspicions: Mamet, the L.A. transplant, is officially in love with NYC.
When the Girls star first moved here to begin filming the show, she admits she wasn't completely sold: “I was incredibly lonely, and I moved seven times during that first season’s filming. Then, during the second season, I fell in love with the city and suddenly it became easy and wonderful — it really is like no other place in the world.” Don't we know it, girl.
What's truly impressive is how Mamet has become so involved in the world of fashion, but manages to stay true to her own style. Mamet told ASOS magazine, “I’m not a girl who is going to put something on that I can’t breathe in or walk in or sit down in. I don’t see the point. I like something I feel good in, that feels ‘me.'” And, her personal style really shines in this feature — she styled the entire shoot herself. Check out the snaps from Mamet's spread. We've gotta say, Zosia: Brooklyn looks good on you.

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