Coke Zero Makes An Ugly Sweater Generator – Goodbye, Productivity!

Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Friendsgiving, or Christmakah, we believe that honoring the ugly holiday sweater tradition is a prerequisite for getting in the holiday spirit. (We also believe in watching Elf at least once every holiday season.)
In regards to the former, Coke Zero just released a brand-new Ugly Sweater Generator, which is as amazing and weird as it sounds. Instead of rummaging eBay for the hideous reindeer mock-turtleneck of your dreams, the site allows you to play around and design your own, down to the color, style, pattern, and quirky heart/present/alien/moose motif of your choice. By December 1, Coke will handprint the top 100 sweaters with the highest amount of likes, and send as a free gift to each of their creators. So, what are you waiting for? Stop whatever you're supposed to be doing, and go make your own bright yellow, martian-snowman-print creation! (Adweek).