Flower Crowns Beyond Coachella? You Can Thank Chiara De Blasio For That

NYC's newly elected Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio has a lot going for him, but one of the more striking assets he's working with — well, at least when it comes to headgear — is his 18-year-old daughter Chiara's on-point headbands. Chiara, a sophomore in college majoring in environmental design, has played an important part in her father's campaign, appearing in TV advertisements and dancing in rallies. Instantly recognizable thanks to a collection of floral headbands and patterned head scarves, Chiara has proved that the flower crown has a place outside of summertime Coachella Land. So, with her as inspiration, we've rounded up a few solid headbands that we feel Ms. de Blasio (and you, of course!) would rock with aplomb.