Creepy Or Cute? The Bond Bracelet Lets You Touch Other People, No Matter Where You Are

Not to sound old-fashioned, but in the digital age we live in, physical contact with our loved ones can be pretty rare. But, Bond is setting out to fix this problem, one vibrating bracelet at a time. And, yes, we know how weird that sounds.
The Bond bracelet is actually quite cool, as far as tech goes. The technology comes in pairs — one for you and one for a buddy — and allows the wearers to "touch" each other no matter what their location is on the globe. Missing your S.O. while they're away? Touch your cuff and zap him or her to let them know. Want to say hi to your BFF from the top of Mount Kilimanjaro? Send them a shock that says, "Wish you were here!" As the Bond crowd-funding video says, "We don't do Tweets — we do tickles." Ooookay. Additionally, with its corresponding smartphone app, the bracelet allows you to construct and access a map of emotions, perfect for gawking on a large, community-based scale (Which areas in town are the saddest? Which restaurants provide the most good vibes?).
Frankly, we're not all the touchy-feely types, and some of us may even prefer actual hand-holding to hand-vibrating time. So, watch the (somewhat puzzling) video below, and let us know if you're feeling the vibes the Bond bracelet is putting out.
Bond from Kwamecorp on Vimeo.