James Franco’s YOLO-Themed Airbnb Pad…In A Cemetery!

jamesbPhoto via: Racked
James Franco is a busy guy. He's dabbled in a lot of different things — from acting to directing to teaching. And, now he can add another title to his resume: interior designer.
Yep, Airbnb tapped a handful of celebrities, including Franco, Lake Bell, and Anjelica Huston, to create pop-up residences around L.A. The iconic Hollywood Forever Cemetery provided the backdrop for Franco's one-bedroom mini abode, which he worked on with interior designer Matthew Lanphier.
The room's focal point? A giant painting emblazoned with the phrase "YOLO" — meant to be ironic, of course, since it's in a cemetery! Franco also added personal touches, such as a collection of quotes from some of his favorite authors. Head over to Racked to see the rest of the space's cool and quirky details! (Racked)