California Dreamin' — 4 Stunning Local Brides Flip The Cover On Their Wedding Albums

From the endless coastline to the year-round sunshine, some things about L.A. feel too good to be true (not that we mind!). But, when it comes to SoCal wedding woes, those same things sometimes leave us wondering if we're on a movie set or at a ceremony. The good news? We found four gorgeous brides who ditched the Hollywood look for the real deal. Beware: Major Pinspiration ahead.
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The Couple: Lauren & Josh Benenson
The Place: El Encanto in Santa Barbara, 2013
The Bride's Takeaway: "Note to brides: Pay attention during the bustle lesson at your fittings. I, of course, didn't. When the time came to have someone bustle my dress, we had 5 girls huddled around trying to figure it out. The mystery was never solved. My dress paid the price: By the end of a 5 hour dance party the train was ripped to shreds."

Photo: Jose Villa
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"Every second of the wedding was a dream. It was literally the best seven hours of my life. But, there was no better moment than walking down the aisle and watching Josh as he saw me for the first time."

Photo: Jose Villa
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The Couple: Allison & Genna Erlikhman
The Place: Cafe Pinot in Los Angeles, 2012
The Bride's Takeaway: "My husband is from Russia, and he and his family moved here a little more than 20 years ago. So right after we cut the cake, I surprised all our guests by delivering a short thank you speech — in Russian. I had worked with my husband to transliterate what I wanted to say, and though I may have butchered it a little, I know my effort to connect with my new family was felt all around. It was a moment that really brought all our friends and family together, and it's something I'll never forget."

Photo: Leila Brewster
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"We used my mom's secret cake recipe for the dessert. Everyone loved it!"

Photo: Leila Brewster
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The Couple: Hilary & Arthur Sherman
The Place: Big Daddy Antiques in Los Angeles
The Bride's Takeaway: "Our wedding felt unique, intimate, and was absolutely gorgeous in every way. The night was a true celebration of the start of our lives together."

Photo: Amy & Stuart Photography
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"We danced to All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem, and Frank Sinatra's Fly Me To The Moon."

Photo: Amy & Stuart Photography
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The Couple: Zoe Yuzna & Paul Shier
The Place: Private residence, Hollywood, CA, 2013
The Bride's Takeaway: "My dress was a vintage cotton wedding dress, with surprising Aztec-like details. I got my dress just a few weeks before the wedding after my original dress was accidentally shrunk four inches by a dry cleaner. I quietly wept in my now-husband's arms when I learned of the damage, but now I can't imagine getting married in my original dress. The replacement feels like my dress destiny. Dresstiny?"

Photo: Oliver Barth
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"Toasts carried us into night, which felt like a summer bonfire or something classic. It was amazing to have a number of toasts during the wedding, and I'm glad we didn't do them the night before."

Photo: Oliver Barth

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