Introducing The Fragrance Line That’ll Have You Smelling Like Paper, Whiskey, & Tea

Smelling like whiskey probably won't give off a good first impression (unless, hey, it was barrel-aged and served neat in a lovely glass). But, the outrageously unique scents that new kid on the block perfumier Commodity are using to scent-tailor to consumers aren't supposed to be run-of-the-mill "vanilla." For instance, its other smells include Gin, Wool, Dew, Mimosa, Tea, Paper, and Cloth. It seems that Commodity has a real thing about smelling like our favorite happy hour beverage — or any other scent that has comfortable, reassuring association — and they are hoping this unusual approach will help us rethink colognes and scents.
In case you don't want to smell like your favorite brunch cocktail, you can opt for more subtle scents such as Book, Gold, Ivy, and Oak. If you're still not sure, Commodity will send you five to sample, based on your scent profile. Who knows, maybe you're a Gin and Whiskey kind of girl. Just remember: Don't mix, or you'll regret it in the morning. (Esquire)

Photo: Courtesy of Commodity