15 Stellar Friendship Bracelets For You And All Your BFFs

While this island can often feel more like a zoo than a summer camp, we sometimes like to reminisce about a simpler time where the season's It Hue was determined by which color-war team you were on, and a few pieces of rope tied on your wrist symbolized a lifelong friendship. We may have too many obligations (like, say, rent and credit-card bills) to turn back the clocks and head to greener pastures, but nothing's stopping us from bringing back our favorite memory-lane accessory—the friendship bracelet. Whether you've still got the same BFF or that title's been changed a few times, we've enlisted the help of NYC's resident men's style savant, Jace Lipstein, better known as the Grungy Gentleman, to scope out the coolest friendship bracelets for your current male and female besties. Naturally, Jace flocks with a fashionable bunch (just check out his Twitter), with his role as Men's Fashion Director at Singer22, his new fashion house, SoCreo, and a design collection for Dickies. From ethnic to athletic, and braided to beaded styles, Grungy Gentleman's 15 picks for friendship bracelets are worthy of being gifted and traded between any fashion summer camp for boys and girls.
Check out our roundup of stellar friendship bracelets for you and all your BFFs!