Kelly Clarkson Has Launched A Concert Series, Plus More Stories

1. Major News: A Zika vaccine has been approved by the FDA to begin human trials.

Trials will likely begin within the next few weeks, with a trial group of 40 people. The two drug companies behind the vaccine believe they will have the trial's results by the end of the year.(Read More)

2. World News: Food riots are spreading across Venezuela.

Over 50 food riots and related incidents have occurred across the country within the last few weeks. The country's failing economy has left many men and women earning far under what they would need to in order to feed themselves and their families.
(The New York Times)

3. Here At Home: Donald Trump fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.

The campaign released a statement announcing Lewandowski's departure, saying, “The campaign is grateful to Corey for his hard work and dedication, and we wish him the best in the future.” (The New York Times)
Photo: Getty Images.

4. Fun Fact: You can now buy a Floating Seahorse Home, which features underwater rooms, in Dubai.

Each floating house has three floors and sells for $2.7 million. (Read More)

5. Must See: Due largely to student debt, the average American twentysomething has a negative net worth.

The College Investor calculated Generation Y's net worth by age, finding that while the average 35-year-old has a net worth of $20,236, the average 25-year-old has a net worth of -$18,988. (Time)

6. A-list: Kelly Clarkson launched a concert series — from her home.

Clarkson announced during a Facebook Live video that she would be covering songs and broadcasting them from her home every day this week, leading up to a big announcement on Friday. (Read More)

7. ICYMI: After Sunday night's penultimate episode of Game of Thrones' sixth season, a fan theory has resurfaced and spread online.

Speculation over some of a main character's final words has many viewers angry and nervous about the fate of a fan favorite. (Read More)

8. Tech Talk: Google will soon tell you what your medical symptoms mean.

While the possibility of misdiagnosis will always be a problem if you're relying on the internet rather than a doctor, Google just made it easier to identify some possibilities. Starting this week, when you type a symptom into the search bar, Google will display information about related conditions. (Read More)

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