You Can Live Underwater In These Floating Seahorse Homes

Dubai is home to some pretty extravagant buildings — like the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest man-made structure, which stands at 2,717 feet. Now, you can have what is essentially the exact opposite of the Burj Khalifa experience, with the city's new Floating Seahorse Homes. Floating Seahorse Homes are just that: the world’s very first floating homes. (Not including actual houseboats, we guess.) In each three-story villa, you'll find underwater views of a 2 million-square-foot coral reef in the Persian Gulf. You'll literally be sleeping with fishes. Right now, 131 Floating Seahorse Homes are being built. You can get your hands on one if you’re willing to shell out $2.7 million. That’s a lot of dough, but just think of it as one dollar for every square-foot of coral reef you’ll wake up to every morning. That sounds like a pretty good deal. Take a look at this video to whet your appetite for underwater living.

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