Jennifer Lopez’s New Song Was Produced By Dr. Luke, Plus More Stories

1. Here At Home: A new study found that violence against women in the U.S. results in a whopping $4.9 trillion in direct costs.

Researchers at the McKinsey Global Institute released a study showing that violence against women (including sexual assault) does more than create physical and psychological damage; it also hurts women’s economic potential. (Read More)

2. Tech Talk: There's a secret "filtered requests" inbox in Facebook Messenger.

You've likely heard of Facebook's old "Other" inbox, a mysterious black box where messages from non-contacts were sent to gather dust. In October, Facebook killed this secret inbox. In its place, the social network created Message Requests, which you can toggle between in the Messages section of the app or website. (Read More)

3. Double Take: Jennifer Lopez's new feminist anthem was produced by Dr. Luke, Kesha's alleged abuser.

Jennifer Lopez
released a new surprise single today, "Aint' Your Mama." It's all about independence, female empowerment, and feminism. It's catchy, upbeat, and has all the ingredients of a hit pop song. Except for one caveat — it was produced by Lukasz Sebastian, a.k.a Dr. Luke, Kesha's alleged abuser. (Read More)
Photo: Steve Granitz/Getty Images.

4. Pro Tip: Fidelity’s new Job Offer Calculator will tell you how good a job offer really is.

In addition to salary, the calculator factors in bonuses, benefits, stock options, and relocation and cost-of-living expenses to tell you exactly how much more (or less) money your new job is really going to make you. (Read More)

5. Noms: The first Whole Foods 365 market will officially open on May 25 in L.A.

Get ready, Whole Foods fans on a budget. Remember last summer when word got around that Whole Foods was opening a new, cheaper grocery chain aimed at millennials? Well, the first 365 Market will open on May 25, according to a press release issued by the company. (Read More)

6. In-The-Know: PacSun, your beloved tween shopping staple, just filed for bankruptcy.

In the filing, the chain attributes its financial woes to the poor expansion decisions made by prior management: to open too many stores, neglect important brand alliances, and green-light unsuccessful brand extensions. (Read More)

7. Must-See: You have to see this woman's transformation after using Etude House's Tint My Brow gel.

A mere 17 hours ago, a user by the name of ZeldaF posted a series of images displaying her own experience using the brow gel. Images that have — since their appearance on the site Imgur — received almost 7,000 views. (Read More)

8. This Is Not A Drill: Melissa McCarthy is officially joining the Gilmore Girls revival.

After months of saying she was just too busy, or that she was disappointed not to be asked, Melissa McCarthy stopped by Ellen to confirm the news that Gilmore Girls fans were dying to hear: Sookie St. James is officially returning to Stars Hollow. (Read More)

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