This Calculator Will Tell You How Good A Job Offer Really Is

Photographed by Anna Alexia Basile.
So much of the job search is focused on getting that initial offer. And while having a polished résumé and flawless interview skills is vital, deciding whether to take a job may be the most important part of the search. After all, that pay raise (or cut) could affect your earning potential for years. But salary alone isn’t the only thing that matters. Benefits, relocation expenses, and bonuses are all part of a holistic package to consider. It’s enough to make your head spin. So what’s a job applicant to do? Enter Fidelity’s Job Offer Calculator. In addition to salary, the calculator factors in bonuses, benefits, stock options, and relocation and cost-of-living expenses to tell you exactly how much more (or less) money your new job is really going to make you. Of course, it’s not always as simple as making more or less money. In a study, Fidelity found that millennials say they are willing to take, on average, a $7,600 pay cut for a job that would improve "quality of work life." But even if you’re willing to take a pay cut for that dream job, the calculator can be a useful tool to help you negotiate the initial offer and turn that pay cut into a pay raise.

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