Donald Trump Scored Another Big Win, Plus More Must-Read Stories

Here At Home: Donald Trump won the Nevada caucus.

After last week’s Democratic Nevada caucuses, it was finally the GOP’s turn, and Donald Trump emerged victorious. The third consecutive win for the reality TV personality and real estate mogul came after an evening of local news reports concerning ballot shortages, instances of identification going unchecked, and other problems at the polls. (Read More)

World News: The Syrian government and key opposition groups agreed to a temporary truce.

The Syrian government and key opposition groups have agreed to a temporary truce aimed at bringing peace to the war-torn country, The Associated Press and other outlets report. The government, however, says it will continue its operations against the Islamic State group and al-Qaida factions there. (Read More)

Just Wrong: Wendy Williams made some inexcusable comments about Kesha.

In the Kesha/Dr. Luke debacle, talk-show host Wendy Williams is siding with the accused abuser, Dr. Luke, and Sony. That would have been disappointing in itself, but in a segment on her talk show this week, Williams explained her opinion with some of the most horrifying examples of victim-blaming we've ever heard. (Read More)
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In-The-Know: An innovative new vaginal ring could protect women against HIV.

A vaginal ring containing antiretroviral drugs designed to stop the spread of HIV at the point of infection got a major vote of confidence this week. Researchers behind two major studies, known as ASPIRE and the Ring Study, were hopeful that this technology, which is already in use to deliver hormonal birth control, would be an easy, effective way for women in Africa to protect themselves from HIV. (Read More)

PR Stunt: The internet is freaking out about this awful viral haircut.

Last Saturday, BarberShapp posted a video teasing a "quirky, stylish, and smooth" look that could be "a new trend in the making." It starts off showing a hairstylist carving deep, blunt layers into a young woman's hair. Let's just say that commenters on Facebook were not fans of the look. (Read More)

This Is NOT A Drill: McDonald's is making its 2 for $2 menu a thing of the past.

First, Subway swapped its iconic $5 footlong for a new $6 version. And now McDonald's is making its 2 for $2 menu a thing of the past. From now on, if you want two items, you'll have to cough up $5. What makes this news even sadder? The 2 for $2 menu was already a fill-in for the dearly departed dollar menu. Tough times, indeed. (Read More)

Style Stalking: We're betting these 10 Topshop items will become cult favorites.

Each season, a slew of items spotted at the Topshop presentation end up becoming cult favorites. And, with a plethora of cold-weather offerings practically made for below-freezing temps (furry coats, and a selection of sweatshirts and leggings that could easily be worn day or night), there's no doubt we'll see a variety of these pieces dominating street style slideshows come January 2017. (Read More)

Not An Onion Story: Kylie Jenner is launching her own cooking show called Cooking With Kylie.

Since the Kardashian family tends to dabble in every single brand-able arena possible, we're not totally shocked that Kylie Jenner has launched a new cooking show web series as part of her app. As Eater points out, it's a real shame that the show is called Cooking with Kylie, instead of Kooking with Kylie. But it's only the first one, so there's still time for a title tweak. (Read More)

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