Kylie Jenner Just Launched Her Own Cooking Show

Photo: Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/Getty Images.
When it comes to the Kardashians and cooking, let's just say we've always assumed we'd prefer a meal cooked by one of their personal chefs instead of by an actual family member. That said, we have been schooled in the arts of Kit Kat eating and Oreo stacking by the likes of Khloé and Kourtney. And since the family tends to dabble in every single brand-able arena possible, we're not totally shocked that Kylie Jenner has launched a new cooking show web series as part of her app. As Eater points out, it's a real shame that the show is called Cooking with Kylie, instead of Kooking with Kylie. But it's only the first one, so there's still time for a title tweak. In episode 1, Kylie teaches us all about organic yams, which she makes Thanksgiving-style with marshmallows and maple syrup (despite the fact that it's almost March). She mentions she makes this recipe pretty often, and we get that — it is really hard to wait a whole year for sweet-potato casserole after Turkey Day. Kylie also tells us that "cooking is therapeutic," so maybe she really does spend time chopping, slicing, and the like in her gorgeous kitchen — that, we'd like to note, probably measures more square feet than our average apartment. Although we're not particularly intrigued by her first recipe, we definitely want to see what she cooks up next. Plus, if the masses listen to Kylie about cooking as much as they do about clothes and beauty products, she is going to get a lot of people into the kitchen as a result. Prepare yourself for sold-out marshmallows and Aunt Jemima maple syrup.

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