Subway Is Getting Rid Of Its $5 Footlongs

Photo: Courtesy of Subway.
The catchy jingle will play in your head forever, but as of today, Subway's $5 footlongs are officially gone. On February 2, Subway announced on Twitter that its classic footlong sandwiches will now cost $6. The tweet also featured a short video of subs, along with snow, falling from the sky. This visual seems more troubling than appetizing, but maybe it's meant to distract customers from the increase in price. Subway patrons have been enjoying occasional periods of time when $5 footlongs appear on the menu since 2007. That's nearly a decade of expecting to pull out a five dollar bill and get a sandwich that is definitely exactly a foot long. But between 2014's yoga mat-bread scandal and last year's Jared Fogle news, it makes sense that the sandwich chain's bottom line is suffering. And when customers bemoaned the price hike on Twitter, Subway's costumer service branch explained why the dollar increase was necessary. "We launched the $5 footlong in 2007," it wrote on Twitter. "Since then, our costs have gone up greatly, but we try to balance that with promotions." Yes, it's only a dollar, but we all know how much that can add up over time.

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