10 Easy Ways To Boost Your Mood Right Now

Excerpted from Get it Together: Ditch the Chaos, Do the Work, and Design Your Success, by Lauren Berger © 2019 by Lauren Berger. Reprinted with Permission from McGraw-Hill Education Books.
Prioritizing personal wellness is something I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t take seriously until this year. And sometimes it’s difficult, because it means planning, sacrificing, and choosing the long-term result over the desire of the moment. Before this year, I spent more time thinking about work and people-pleasing than paying attention to my own personal wellness, and looking back, I think I suffered because of it.
I like to look at mental health as a goal. We all want to be satisfied with ourselves, enjoy life, and most important, create balance. But, in a world full of distraction, confusion, jealousy, and anger, how do we stay mentally strong?
Here are some of the ways you can master your mental health:

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