How To Work From Home Without A Living Room Or A Comfortable Chair

Illustrated by Aisha Dev
By now, most of us who can work from home amid the coronavirus pandemic will have been doing so for at least a few days and, truth be told, cracks might be beginning to show. Spaces we once relaxed in, snacking on hash browns while bingeing comforting films, have had to become workspaces for the foreseeable future. And unless you were already freelance, it's unlikely you've made your home somewhere you can work from 24/7. Yet.
Maybe you don't have a living room and have had to resort to working perched on your bed. Or your housemate insists on talking to you no matter how clearly you try to signal you're working. And then there's the burden of the uncomfortable chair. These are problems you are only just noticing but, happily, there are solutions.
Trying to create a healthy environment is vital right now, as exhibited by the #HealthyAtHome from the World Health Organisation which encourage people to keep healthy, exercise and ultimately keep wellness top of mind whilst stuck indoors.
As we are all social distancing for the foreseeable future, how can we make the best of our home-cum-work environments? Other than the main tips we're seeing everywhere about not working from bed if possible and getting into inside clothes while working, we've rounded up some advice to help you out. Happy social isolating!

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