What We Eat When We’re Hungover

There's nothing quite as humbling as a hangover. You have no one to blame for not sticking to your one drink, one glass of water rule. No one except yourself. So you stare at the ceiling through crusty eyes, letting the throbbing head roll through until a small but perceptible ray of hope starts to gleam in the corner of your mind. You grab onto it, holding fast as if to a life raft (only you're not drowning, you're still wearing your coat from last night). Food.
Annoyingly, what we crave and what we need when we're hungover don't always line up. What we should eat the day after the night before is anything that can replace the vitamins and minerals our body will have lost as it processes the alcohol, but what we want tends to be beige, potentially fried and undeniably delicious. But everyone's concoction is unique (even if it's from the same colour palette). And so we decided to take a look at what people at R29 eat when they're hungover. And surprise surprise, turns out we're the gloriously greedy goblins we always thought we were.
If you're currently nursing a mouth full of sawdust and a head full of concrete, we know exactly what you want right now. 'Cos it's probably what we want right now, too. As one contributor put it: "Three shades of beige! Perfection!"

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