The Best Wide-Fit Sandals To Keep You Cool & Comfortable

Designed by Meg O'Donnell
Big black boots might be our winter footwear of choice but as soon as the sun peeks through the clouds we're the first in line to switch to sandals. Whether you prefer a pair of trendy Tevas or your faithful Birkenstocks, slipping on a comfortable sandal is as much a part of the British summer experience as a glass of Pimm's in the back garden – which is why picking the perfect pair is rather high stakes.
For those with narrow feet, shopping for sandals can be a relatively easy experience, with plenty of slim-fit slip-ons on offer. However for those with wider soles, finding suitable summer shoes can be a serious struggle. While many brands carry dedicated wide-fit lines for both trainers and high heels, sandal sections have been historically lacking when it comes to inclusive sizing options.
There are several dedicated websites out there for wide-fit footwear but the selections tend to lean towards an older audience, leaving young women with few places to find cool and comfortable styles. Thankfully, brands are starting to listen to the demands of those with wider feet, adding a steadily growing number of wide-set sandals to their permanent shoe collections.
Whether you prefer to shop at high street retailers like ASOS or dedicated footwear stores like Office, there are plenty of wide-fit options to keep you cool and comfortable this summer. From strappy slip-ons to peep-toe mules, click through to shop the best in wide-fit footwear…

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