I Tested The Most Comfortable Sandals For 7 Days

I'm easily tricked by seemingly "comfortable" shoes; the ones that have a clunky thick sole and lots of straps (+2 points for velcro). They imply there are no pain points, but after a walk down the stairs and out the door, I start to notice the straps brush against my feet in a weird way and the uncomfortable lack of cushioning for my heel. Unfortunately by that point there's already enough wear on the soles that the shoes are rendered un-returnable. Fun. We've all witnessed the scam sandal, the one disguised as being comfortable only to betray you with a thick sole and cushy inserts that, in reality, feel like having a 40 pound weight strapped to each foot. So I set out to find the sandals that are actually worth our time.
A little bit about my foot anatomy: I have flat feet and an extra bone on the side of my left foot so my main concerns revolve around extra support and strap placement. While every foot is different and filled with its own quirks and weaknesses, every foot undeniably wants to feel like its walking on a soft puff of clouds. There's been a steadily increasing trend of heels being left by the wayside to make way for more practical shoes. While this year has been the age of the dad trainer, its close cousin, the chunky sandal, is just the ugly trainer summer-ified.
With more chunky sandals on the market than ever, I decided now was the time to test the most notable ones so that your feet don't have to suffer. Click through for my week of "comfy" sandals (blister pics not included).

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