How To Vet Your Own Spending Habits

Freedom splurging. Revenge spending. There’s a lot of talk about the kind of money we’re ready to drop as things begin to return to some state of normalcy.
But while the odd new statement candle may not make a major dent in your savings, if you, like us, are teetering on the edge of a major ‘treat yo’ self’ rabbit hole, then you may need to take a step back and reevaluate your approach to shopping. 
If you’re partial to a change-of-season shopping spree, the best way to make sure you don’t end up with a huge bout of buyer’s remorse — or a pile of unnecessary debt — is to take a few factors into consideration before diving headfirst into a purchase. 
And while you may not need to apply the same thought process to every spend, getting into the habit of sitting on a purchase before biting the bullet can save you loads and set you up to be more financially savvy post-lockdowns. 
To offer guidance on how to determine the value and longevity of an item, we’ve compiled a list of factors to help determine whether or not it’s actually worth your cash. 
Read on for some sage shopping advice that may help you save a few pennies.