How Tarot & Astrology Helped Me Catch My Cheating Ex

Photographed by Megan Madden.
Most of us have been here before: The person we’re dating starts acting distant. They’re checking their iPhone every second to see who’s texted them when you’re together. At first, we brush their behaviour off. But then, as we replay the recent evenings spent together, we start to believe that they may be cheating — or at least talking to a new prospective boo. 
As an astrologer, the most common questions I receive are about love. Sometimes I’m being asked, “Does this person like me?” or “Will our relationship work out?” But more than anything else, people want to know, “Are they cheating on me?” 
Not too long ago, however, I was the one asking that last question. I was picking up on some strange energy from my SO, and it was making me suspicious. They weren’t giving me oodles of attention or being flirty. And they refused to call me on the phone during weird hours, at times we’d spoken before. Anytime I asked a question about our relationship, it was answered with ambivalence. Luckily for me, I have the gift of cosmic insight at my fingertips. I know how to suss out the vibe, and use the stars and cards to help me avoid gaslight-y responses from a partner. 
I practice many different kinds of astrology. Of all the types that I use in my practice, horary astrology is my favourite tool. It can answer basically any question, if worded and asked correctly. When the astrologer understands the burning question of the hour, they cast a birth chart for the moment in time the question is asked, and read the chart to learn the answer. 
So of course I turned to horary astrology when I started suspecting something was up in my relationship. I asked, “Is my partner cheating on me?” I used all of my knowledge to ensure the chart was valid and fit to be judged. And the answer I got was a hard “yes.”
Venus and the Moon were present in the seventh house of the chart. Venus present in Pisces was a definite sign that my partner was having a relationship with someone else — though one that was purely flirtation. The Moon in Pisces, however, indicated that a physical relationship would happen soon. 
Other planets we use to indicate cheating in horary astrology are Mars, which is a sexual relationship, and Saturn, which implies they are in love with someone else. The Sun indicates honesty. Mercury shows that nothing can stand in between you and your partner — cheating may be a thing of the past. The presence of these planets, though, must reside in the seventh house. Moon cannot be void and the ascendent degree has to be more than 3 degrees and less than 27 degrees for the chart to yield a “yes.” 
I wanted more insight into the situation before I talked to my partner. So a few days after I gave myself a horary reading, I started pulling tarot cards. When you shuffle tarot cards, you’re able to merge your energy into them. The spirits pick up your question and use the tarot cards as a way of communicating with you. The caveat is to not overextend the spirits by asking the same question too many times. They’ll start giving you fake answers because you’ve exhausted them. 
Using a Thoth Tarot Deck (which is known to give intense and blunt readings), I pulled the following cards for myself in a three-card spread: the 7 of Swords (deceit), The Tower (a breakup), and the 3 of Cups (folly). 
The tarot cards alluded to me being lied to by my SO. Despite the pull, and despite the answer I’d already received from my horary astrology reading, at first I was in denial. I tried to fight the answers I received. Eventually, though, the truth began to sink in, and I started believing that I was being lied to — and that a breakup was inevitable. 
The horary chart reading pointed strongly toward the fact that my partner was at least flirting with someone else, and the appearance of the 3 of Cups was another red flag for infidelity. Usually that card is positive, but I couldn’t help but feel that there was a third party involved in the split the tarot cards seemed to be foreshadowing. After asking my colleagues to weigh in on  the meaning of the card, I became even more convinced that there was someone else outside of our relationship influencing this breakup. After all, on the card, there are three people dancing; two of their eyes are locked together, while the third person is unaware of what’s going on. 
Of course I couldn’t help myself, so I booked readings with several other tarot readers to confirm my horary chart and my tarot spread. All of them pulled similar cards and interpreted the reading the same way. Being that they all had the same story — it had to be true. What are the odds of four other tarot readers weaving together the same picture for me without knowing the deets? That’s when I knew I had to do something about this situation. 
I decided to confront my partner. I sent a series of texts demanding that we talk on the phone (which we never do). They started asking me what I wanted to talk about. Their time was up. I told them my theory straight up via iMessage, and they went radio silent. They clearly knew what was up and that they had been caught. When they finally responded, they wouldn’t address the allegations by giving me a “yes” or “no” answer. Instead, they gaslighted me continuously throughout the conversation. If I had any doubts before, their inability to confirm or deny basically verified my suspicions. I knew my hypothesis was right. 
The moral of the story is a simple cautionary tale for others to learn from: Don’t lie to or cheat on a witch. We’ll find out one way or another. Our ancestors bring every matter to light, good or bad. We’ll know in a matter of minutes. And, for all the witchy peeps out there — always believe in your magic and intuition. 

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