Fleabag Season 2 Is Back On The BBC Sooner Than You Think

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Update (14th February): Okay, Valentines Day isn't for everyone. At least, that was until BBC Three decided to swoop in and give it real meaning. That's right, February 14th is now the day Fleabag season 2 was put firmly on the horizon. Hit me with the heart emojis.
Over on their Twitter account, the broadcaster shared a digital Valentine's card inspired by one of everyone's favourite scenes from Fleabag season one - when our haphazard protagonist takes her boyfriend's request for more surprises a little too seriously and jumps on him while he's in the shower, while wearing a balaclava. Aka, the "ninja surprise". Classic.
He freaks out, she finds it hilarious and the whole thing is as delightfully awkward as you'd expect. Watch the clip to the very end, though, and the real treat is in the final frame - they've finally given us an air date. And the series is going to be back on our screens very, very soon.
Mark your diaries because Fleabag series 2 starts on Monday 4th March. Fans of the box will be able to watch on BBC One from 10:45pm in the channel's new BBC Three late night slot. But fear not, streaming fans - the show will be available on iPlayer too, but you will have to wait a week for each of the subsequent episodes.
This article was originally published on 24th January 2019
Warning! This article contains spoilers for series one of Fleabag
I don't know about you, but I've been sat twiddling my thumbs for a while, not quite knowing where to turn without a juicy Phoebe Waller-Bridge drama to keep me occupied. We devoured the first series of Fleabag a lifetime ago (give or take three years) and that sneak peak at Killing Eve season 2 could only hold us for so long. Thankfully, the TV gods have now bestowed upon us some more information, and it's pretty damn exciting.
Joining the already brilliant Fleabag cast (see: Olivia Colman, Sian Clifford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge herself) are two of our favourite actresses. Welcome, Fiona Shaw and Dame Kristin Scott Thomas.
You'll recognise Shaw from Waller-Bridge's other award-winning drama Killing Eve, in which she plays the irreverent MI6 agent Carolyn Martens. And Dame Scott Thomas, you'll remember from beloved film classics such as Four Weddings and a Funeral. At this point in time we don't quite know what fate has in store for their characters in Fleabag but what a treat it is to know that they'll be in the mix for our second helping of bleak, hilarious chaos.
Things are set to take a surprising turn this time around. We're reunited with Fleabag one year on from where the first series left off – she has been rejected by her entire family, we finally understand what really happened with her best mate Boo, and Fleabag comes a bit too close to throwing herself in front of a car. In this series she meets a priest (played by Andrew Scott), which obviously nudges our haphazard protagonist into taking a completely different perspective on life, thus catapulting her into a load of brand new trouble in what quickly becomes Fleabag vs God.
Don't worry, not everything is set to change. Godmother (Olivia Colman) maintains an unfortunate presence, Fleabag's dad still can't bear to be around her and Claire is reluctantly forced into spending time with her sister to fix another unexpected problem. Yep, we're impatiently counting down the days to episode one as well.
Fleabag Season 2 airs on BBC One on Monday 4th March

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