Watch Sandra Oh & Jodie Comer In The First Trailer For Killing Eve Season 2

Photo: courtesy of BBC
Warning! This feature contains spoilers for the first season of BBC's Killing Eve.
It's been a little while since the first season of Killing Eve wrapped up. The dust had settled, our heart rates had returned to normal and searches for Villanelle-inspired style interiors had just about petered out. But then we started to hear news of the second series, saw Molly Goddard's show at London Fashion Week, and now everything is suddenly very tense (and exciting) once more.
To bring you up to speed, the season one finale threw us all out of whack, remember? Eve seduced and then stabbed Villanelle, Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw) seemed to be straddling the line between good and bad pretty unsuccessfully and Villanelle’s handler Konstantin Vasiliev (Kim Bodnia) was a goner. The future of the series was up in the air for all of our beloved characters.
But now the BBC have released the first teaser trailer for the most highly anticipated series of 2019. Have a gander below:
Exciting, right? For the time being, we have to make the most of the BBC America trailer (yes, they get to see the episodes first again this year) but holy hell does it look tense/terrifying/brilliant. If that's not enough, further photographic evidence of what the next chapter holds were released just before Christmas. Obviously, we did our best to unpick them. Here's what we can unpick from the clues.
Photo: courtesy of BBC

Villanelle is alive and not so well

So it's not a huge surprise to hear that our glamorous villain is still alive. We already knew Jodie Comer had been shooting for the second season but at least we can confirm that her involvement isn't just through a series of complicated flashbacks or anything. Villanelle is very much present and by the looks of things she'll be lying low in Paris for a little while - alone and on the run from British intelligence and the Russians she used to work for, perhaps?
Photo: courtesy of BBC
Photo: courtesy of BBC
You might remember Konstantine tending to one of her wounds in an earlier episode, and it's now unclear who she'll turn to in this time of need. I'm no expert, but that bottle of vodka she's holding above will only help that amount of blood for so long and everyone, even the world's best hitwoman, needs someone to rely on.
Beyond her injuries, though, there's little more we can deduce from Villanelle's photos for the time being. Knowing her, though, we should expect the unexpected.
Photo: courtesy of BBC

Eve is going to have to face the consequences

Eve's venture out into the field was a huge step for someone who'd spent so long on the other side of secret service action - desk-bound and behind the scenes. Now, having lost her job, her husband and Villanelle (we don't think Eve will know that she survived the stabbing), Eve is going to be feeling pretty damn isolated and vulnerable.
Our hearts break at the site of her deep in thought and troubled in the bathtub, but which loss is she mourning? Husband Niko or Villanelle? We saw the distress on Eve's face when she realised what she'd done to Villanelle in that apartment and there's no doubt that, unlike our assassin, she won't be dealing with having supposedly killed someone for the first time, very well at all. A quick scan of the bathroom suggests Eve might have made it back home to London at some point, though.
On the other hand, scenes at airport security could mean anything. Eve seems to be walking away from the checkpoint with a few blurry passersby staring at her in what I'm going to assume is bewilderment. This could suggest a threat (forgotten about something in her bag?) or change of heart (there's no knowing what awaits now that everyone she trusted on the inside is gone). Yep, I'm tense just deliberating it too.
Photo: courtesy of BBC

Carolyn isn't done just yet

Though we still don't quite have a fully explanation of how deep Carolyn's involvement with the Russian spies and/or government, we can be sure that whatever she's been up to isn't over yet.
If you assumed Carolyn would have burnt all bridges with Eve when she continued to ignore all of her orders, found out about her secret relationships and encouraged her son Kenny to disobey her, you're not alone. But it looks like there'll be reason for the former colleagues to reunite again next season. My guess it'll have something to do with, yes, Villanelle, but also Eve's fierce desire for greater purpose. I have a feeling Eve's going to demand her job back. That, or create a new one for herself.

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