Villanelle's Parisian Apartment In Killing Eve Is The Stuff Of Dreams

Photo: Courtesy Of BBC
There are lots of enviable things in everyone's new favourite TV show Killing Eve. Sandra Oh's hair, for starters, Jodie Comer in that Molly Goddard dress, Fiona Shaw's ability to look down her nose at anyone who displeases her in the most magnificent manner.
But the thing I want most in the whole wide world? Like, would sell my firstborn, an arm and probably a leg for? That apartment in Paris.
Villanelle (Comer), international assassin and millennial psychopath, may spend most of her time travelling around Europe murdering all sorts of powerful people but in between jobs, she returns to her stylishly decaying apartment in Paris. Think: peeling wallpaper, high ceilings, incredibly tall windows with shutters that open to reveal views of Montmartre and the rooftops of Paris beyond. It's incredibly chic, but also incredibly eclectic. There's no IKEA here.
Amazingly though, the apartment isn't actually real. It's really a studio set built in the UK. The view of Paris is an amazingly detailed backdrop, lit as if it were in daylight.
Photo: via Youtube
"We wanted to create space for [Villanelle] that was both real, but also a fantastic space, a grandiose apartment, but without being showy," production designer Kristian Milstead told Apartment Therapy back in April (despite only debuting here last week, the show premiered on BBC America in the States in the spring). "We don't want her to live like a supermodel. She needs to have some darkness to her world."
Photo: Via Youtube
Just because the apartment isn't technically a real space isn't to say that everything in the apartment was crafted from scratch too. The old-but-expensive looking fixtures and furnishings? All sourced from days gone by. Even the bedspread - the one Villanelle asks about during a kill, and then orders for her own home later - is antique or second hand.
Photo: Via Youtube
"If you go to most people's houses, the furniture wasn't all bought at one time, it's acquired over time," says Lee Morris, executive producer. "So we've tried to give the impression of something that has organically developed."
This look is no doubt helped along by the vast amount of objects in the house. Every surface, shelf and wall is covered in eclectic ornaments, posters and eccentricities - from a gold cast skull to a Soundgarden poster, empty Champagne bottles to a decades-old radio. Jodie explains: "There's loads of little knick-knacks that just don't look like they belong in the same room. But I feel like she's collected them all because she travels a lot."
Photo: Via Youtube
For Phoebe Waller-Bridge (creator of Fleabag and responsible for bringing Killing Eve to the screen) the apartment perfectly sums up Villanelle. "I said [to Kristian] she has style but she also doesn't completely know who she is and he managed to crash those things together so beautifully. So you walk into this gorgeous flat that does feel like [it belongs to] a young woman in her twenties who just so happens to have wigs and guns in her drawers."
And Jodie Comer, Phoebe says, was the perfect actor to express this mishmash."You'll make the mistake of falling in love with her," she laughs. "And then she'll kill you!"

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