6 Pieces Of Furniture Guaranteed To Fit In Your Small London Flat

Unless you live a life akin to that of a Buddhist monk, own few possessions and therefore have little need for storage (or a comfy sofa for that matter), living in bijoux London accommodation poses several problems. First, there’s all your stuff. And then of course, you need furniture to put the stuff on/in. And then there’s getting the furniture up three flights of stairs (Ross barking ‘pivot!’ at Chandler in that episode of Friends, anyone?)
If you’re handy with the power drill and fancy crafting some in-built solutions, well, bully for you. For the rest of us living in, erm, cosy – oh all right, who are we kidding – shoeboxes, there’s not a huge amount out there that will realistically work well and look good. Thankfully, some of the furniture designers out there have spared a thought for small space dwellers…

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