Everything I Ate, Drank & Saw On Day Two Of London Fashion Week

Photo by Georgia Murray.
It's my third season attending London Fashion Week and I'm excited by the whole thing. Sure, it's exhausting and can make you feel insecure about the way you look, but there's outfit inspiration aplenty, the shows can be magnificent, and it's thrilling to see everything up close. On Saturday, day two of LFW, I kept a diary of everything I did, everywhere I went, what I ate, drank (lots of coffee) and saw...
My first show of the day is Alexachung at 12pm, so I spend the morning writing up the street style from the first day of LFW. I was up until 1.30am writing an interview with Michael Halpern (one of the nicest designers I've met) last night, so I'm a little tired. I make coffee and toast and eat some fruit, then work from the comfort of my bed until it's time to get ready. What to wear? I go for a sweet Sister Jane smock, Topshop jeans (still my favourite brand for denim), sage green Yuul Yie shoes and my beloved Manu Atelier bag. Realise I look like the hard-boiled sweet emoji and feel good about that. ???
Photo by Georgia Murray.
Another coffee (I usually have three before 12pm) and hit the train. Alexa's show is at Universal Music in the swaggy new King's Cross area, and as I walk up I see an ocean of brown, rust, beige and camel – everyone is into neutral tones this season.
The show was fabulous, a more grown-up iteration of the Alexachung woman, all leather-clad and swathed in patchwork knits. Of course there were beautiful prairie dresses and slick '70s suiting, all markers of Chung's personal style, which I've been hooked on since her T4 days. The soundtrack is always slamming, too, and this one featured my fave Fat White Family song. Saucy.
Make my way towards the next show, Molly Goddard, but first have to find a spot to sit and write. Met with swathes of tourists visiting Big Ben/Downing Street as Goddard's show is at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's iconic Durbar Court. Find a pub, get another coffee (wish it was a cold pint), and get to work.
Woaaah this venue is beautiful! Goddard chose to host her AW19 collection here with the GREAT Britain Campaign to highlight the fact that the fashion industry supports 890,000 jobs and brings in £32.3 billion to the UK economy. With Brexit approaching everyone's scared, and you can see some designers reacting by looking to traditional British craftsmanship – ASAI and Matty Bovan both celebrated old school techniques in their collections – or, like Ashley Williams and Alexachung, by retreating to a more idyllic place.
Photo by Georgia Murray.
Molly's show is as spectacular as ever, with models in tulle, taffeta and jacquard dresses walking windswept on an elevated catwalk. The showstopper is a hot fuchsia number – one for Killing Eve's Villanelle to wear in season two, perhaps?
Straight over to Halpern's show next, which I'm thrilled to have had a sneak peek at in his studio earlier this week. He was looking at the parallels between the '20s, '70s and today, times in which people have been drawn to opulence and glamour in the face of uncertainty. The show was held in the Art Deco ballroom of the Sheraton Grand – formerly The Park Lane Hotel – and the collection looked at the fantastical illustrations of Russian artist Erté. Models floated in and out of shadowy sculptures to haunting classical music and the whole thing was really cinematic and moving.
Make my way over to Marylebone where House of Holland's show will kick off soon, but nip to the pub opposite the station for the aforementioned cold pint. Fashion Week is thirsty work, and while I should be mainlining water rather than Beavertown Gamma Ray, it hits the spot. File a few pieces of copy to my editor, and walk over to the next show.
Photo by Georgia Murray.
Sit down and see the cast of Sex Education opposite me and text all my pals who loved the show as much as I did. Henry Holland always attracts a cool crowd, and his shows are really fun, with banging soundtracks, fun models and wearable pieces.
My feet are hurting now and I realise I haven't eaten since breakfast (always happens when I'm out and about, when I'm at my desk I eat like there's a conveyor belt from my hand to my mouth), so I grab a nutritious dinner: salt and vinegar Hula Hoops, Mini Cheddars and a Toffee Crisp. Delish.
Back at the (deserted) office for a few hours now, which always scares me at the weekend because there could be murderers waiting under the desks? Put my headphones in to distract me and write up show reports. I find some M&S caramel eggs which I'd forgotten I'd put in my bag. Eat them all in one go.
Time to make my way to the Alexachung x Sunglass Hut dinner in Victoria. An unlikely partnership but the shades are really nice: '70s square and oval shapes in various tints. Make a note to wear my pair with an exaggerated lapel blazer and neckerchief. I don't change outfits for the evening, which makes me feel a bit tired and sweaty, but you're mad if you think I'm lugging around a change of clothes all day.
Photo by Georgia Murray.
Arrive at Wild by Tart, the gorgeous restaurant we are eating at. See some faces I recognise and breathe a sigh of relief. Meet some lovely new people too – and eat burrata and harissa cauliflower and drink white wine. It's a lovely way to cap off the day, but I can't head to the House of Holland after-party with everyone because I have to go home and write up some more pieces for tomorrow. Relish being boring but sensible and am in bed by midnight, ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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