Our Big Guide To Buying Ankle Boots This Autumn

Not to play favourites, but if we had to pick from all the boot styles out there, ankle boots would win. For one, they're the most hassle-free to actually get on and off your foot. Of course, I'd be remiss not to acknowledge that some pairs have accoutrements that make them slightly more difficult, but in comparison to boots of other heights, these get practicality. Second, shopping online for ankle boots, as opposed to other types, is way more realistic. More often than not, you can safely buy a pair online because all you have to worry about is whether or not it fits your foot, and not any of the other non-one-size-fits-all parts of your body, like calves or thighs. Have we sold you on them yet?

If so, it's only fair that we offered up a big group of ankle boots for you to consider for your next purchase. Ahead, you'll find black pairs, snakeskin pairs, and metallic pairs, some with a low ankle height so you can show off your socks, some high enough to border on calf-length, and a whole lot that fall somewhere in between. Either way, these picks — even the flashier ones — are guaranteed to keep their cool for many seasons to come.

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