Meet Jason Bolden & Adair Curtis, The Stars Of Netflix's Styling Hollywood

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Calling all fans of Queer Eye and Tidying Up With Marie Kondo: Netflix has added another uplifting reality show to its library. Much like Queer Eye's Fab Five, Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis of Styling Hollywood help people sparkle by improving their home and wardrobe.
The major difference? These "people" are A-List celebrities like Yara Shahidi, Gabrielle Union, Serena Williams, Storm Reid, and Ava DuVernay, and the "wardrobe" is designer, dahling. Bolden preps their red carpet looks, while Curtis designs their homes.
Bolden and Curtis are partners in life and in business. The married couple owns the LA-based JSN Studio, a lifestyle studio that specialises in home and wardrobe styling. Get to know the incredibly accomplished (and adorable) couple before Styling Hollywood drops on Netflix on Friday 30th August.

Who Is Jason Bolden?

Jason Bolden is the rare influencer whose Instagram feed is mostly comprised of photos of other people: Sabrina Carpenter. Janet Mock. Taraji P. Henson. Bolden is a stylist to the stars — and, in many cases, close friend to the stars. In 2017, Bolden was named one of the Hollywood Reporter’s "Top 25 Most Powerful Stylists."
Bolden was born in 1982 in St. Louis, MO. He's also a Pisces, if that matters. Bolden was encouraged to become something "practical," like a doctor, lawyer, or accountant. So, at age 18, Bolden moved to Chicago to study pre-med at Northwestern University with the goal of becoming OBGYN. Within a week, Bolden blew the £400 in his saving account on a designer backpack and had to get a job at Cynthia Rowley retail store.
At that first retail job, the world of fashion opened up to Bolden. He realised he loved clothes. After Cynthia Rowley, Bolden worked at brands like Nicole Miller, Louis Vuitton, Chloé, Gucci and Oscar de la Renta, amassing a roster of wealthy clients. Then, he opened an influential vintage shop in New York called the Garment Room, frequented by celebrities and designers alike.
In 2011, Bolden made the leap into celebrity styling. Bolden's close friend, Gabrielle Union (featured in Styling Hollywood), asked him to curate an outfit from the Garment Room for her to wear to an Art Basel party in Miami Beach. Union's outfit was written up — and Bolden's styling skills were officially in demand.
If you're an awards show fan, then you've definitely encountered Bolden's work, or even Bolden himself. Bolden is behind some incredible recent red carpet looks, like Yara Shahidi's sequin Fendi Couture catsuit. He has also worked as a red carpet commentator for E!

Who Is Adair Curtis?

Adair Curtis is as talented as his husband, and that's saying something. Originally from the Bronx, New York, Curtis had a long career in the music industry before becoming an interior designer.
Curtis worked closely with Russell Simmons, the incredibly influential hip-hop mogul and co-founder of Def Jam Records. In 2006, Curtis started as a brand manager at Def Jam Enterprises, climbing all the way to VP of Communications at Rush Communications, Simmons' media company, in 2009. Curtis was so important that he was a regular cast-member on Simmons' reality TV show Running Russell Simmons. And he met Beyoncé!
As co-founder of JSN Studios, Curtis handles the home renovation branch of the business.

How did Jason & Adair meet?

Sadly, we don't know. But they've been together for a while and got married in 2012. After marrying in New York, they relocated to L.A. and started JSN Studios.
After years working with celebrities, it's time for Bolden and Curtis to become public figures themselves.
“As two Black, gay men, it’s super important to help shift the planet. I’m super thrilled to have this platform to help show and possibly educate people. Adair and I are on the same journey as everyone else, searching for joy and balance,” Bolden told WWD.

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