Maya Hawke Knows Exactly Where Robin Will Be In Season 4 Of Stranger Things

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Now that about 40.7 million people have watched Stranger Things 3 and dubbed Maya Hawke's character, Robin, their new fave, it's safe to call her the breakout star of the season (sorry, Alexei).
Hawke talked to Glamour about her star turn in the hit Netflix series, saying it felt like "what I’d wanted college to feel like" and revealed something key: where she'll be in season 4 (you know, if there is a season 4 — Netflix still hasn't confirmed it).
"I’d love to see her continue to expand and explore and become more of herself and find more of her own people,” Hawke told Glamour, hinting that we might expect a career in the arts for Robin. "I think video stores, which is where we leave Robin, are such a crucial part of the relationship to wanting to be in the arts and make movies in the ’80s. Quentin [Tarantino] worked at a video store — everybody worked at a video store if you wanted to make movies and you lived in the ’80s."
Speaking of Tarantino, who did work at a video rental store in Manhattan Beach, California, before making it as a director, Hawke revealed that fans can next catch her in his upcoming Manson flick, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Hawke said her role is small but "a fun scene."
After that? Maybe a return to Instagram for Hawke, who told Glamour she deleted the app from her phone the weekend before Stranger Things 3 landed, and then who knows. Hawke said she wants to do it all, from drama to comedy, and noted she's got a special interest in period pieces. Since she's tackled the 19th century with Little Women, the '80s with Stranger Things, and the '60s with Tarantino, maybe something at the turn of the century could be up next?

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