The Internet Has A Lot Of Feelings About Alexei & His Slurpee In Stranger Things 3

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Warning: Stranger Things 3 spoilers ahead. Stop reading now if you don’t want plot points from this season explained.
The writers of Stranger Things have created an adorable cast of characters that keep fans coming back every season. They also somehow manage to make us love a new character who is then swiftly killed off, leaving us heartbroken.
Guess none of us have learned anything from Game of Thrones.
Fans have begun the outcry for the latest beloved Stranger Things character to be killed off in season three. Alexei (Alec Utgoff), who became a cherished character thanks to his switchover to the good side, was killed by Russian muscle after working with Jim Hopper (David Harbour) to stop what the Russians were doing beneath Hawkins.
“I’m really sad Alexei deserved so much better. All he wanted to do was play some fair games and show Murray that he won. He was so excited,” lamented another fan.
“I have never gone from pure joy to extreme anger and sadness faster than I did right here. ALEXEI WHY?!” one fan demanded to know.
Two fans also focused on the cuteness of Alexei and showed their appreciation for the character by paying him compliments.
“Can we please appreciate Alexei "Smirnoff", cuz god! His smile is so cuuuuuuuuute!!!! He's like a lost Russian child hahsndwvvildbdvpapbhpfl,” screamed one fan.
“The cutest little Russian who deserved so much more. i love u alexei,” said another fan.
Stranger Things fans should be used to this kind of thing by now, as season 2 featured the loss of beloved Bob (Sean Astin) and the original season Barb (Shanon Purser). Some people had suggested this meant that all characters with a ‘B’ name might be on the chopping block in season 3, but now that Alexei is gone, it appears there’s no way to predict the loss of a well-liked character.
Stranger Things season 4 has yet to be officially confirmed by Netflix, but both the main cast and executive producer Shawn Levy seem to believe that another season is coming. The creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, previously stated that they intended for the show to only last for four seasons.
If and when season 4 is confirmed, here’s a warning to not get too attached to anyone. Especially if it turns out to be the final season.

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