The Ever-Changing Cast Of Santa Clarita Diet Shakes It Up In Season 3

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Zombie shows, by definition, have a high body count. We've all gotten quite used to The Walking Dead killing off any characters it wants to. But as Santa Clarita Diet returns, cast and all, to Netflix for season 3, will all our favourite characters be there too?
We definitely know that the main four stars — Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, Liv Hewson, and Skyler Gisondo — will be back. This season, Barrymore's undead real estate agent Sheila will continue to murder and eat the terrible people of Santa Clarita, while husband Joel (Olyphant), daughter Abby (Hewson), and neighbour Eric (Gisondo) help her cover her tracks. The big twist this season is that Sheila has asked Joel if she can turn him into a zombie too, so that he'll be immortal right along with her.
Because this is a Netflix show with seasons that are only 10 episodes long, the actors with recurring roles have been free to go off and pursue other gigs (like Nathan Fillion, who no longer voices Gary in season 3). That means good news for them is questionable news for Santa Clarita Diet fans. When last we left off, there were a whole lot of loose ends featuring those recurring characters: Is Gary choosing to live on? Will Anne start worshipping Sheila as God's instrument? Are Paul and Marsha going to hunt down Sheila?
Here's all we can tell you about new and returning cast of season 3.

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