Ivanka Trump Would Like To Remind The Internet Karlie Kloss Is Her Sister-In-Law

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Ivanka Trump went above and beyond a typical congratulatory tweet when sister-in-law Karlie Kloss made her Project Runway hosting debut this week. It’s the latest of Trump’s exultant efforts to bond with Kloss — remember her over-the-moon comment on Kloss’ engagement announcement on Instagram? — who, it should be noted, has never publicly interacted with Trump.
Project Runway is a big professional step for Kloss, though, as she’s stepping into supermodel Heidi Klum’s shoes after the latter’s departure from the show last year. This was clearly not lost on Trump. To commemorate the occasion, she posted a short video clip of herself in front of a TV screening the season opener.
“Karlie, it’s happening!” Trump said, followed by a smattering of generic #GirlPower platitudes: “Amaaaazing —” *thumbs up* “— Project Runway —” *swings camera from herself to the TV* “— Karlie is host —” *delicate, tinkling laugh* “— epic.”
Kloss tied the knot with Josh Kushner in October — yes, that’s Kushner, also as in Jared, Trump’s husband — which also made her tenuous ties to the Trumps official. But the supermodel has been careful to keep her personal life private. Kloss hasn’t really spoken out about her in-laws, although she has hinted at distancing her own politics from the Trumps, telling Vogue that she and Kushner “share a lot of the same liberal values.”
Still, as perfunctory as it might be, Kloss clearly has some kind of relationship with Trump, who attended her wedding and follows Kloss on Instagram (as of this writing, Kloss has not followed Trump back). But without some context, Trump’s video can come across as tone-deaf, with some absurdist undertones. Cue the internet.

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