In A Twist No One Needed, Ariana Grande & Piers Morgan Are Friends

Photo: C Flanigan/Getty Images.
While we're all for unlikely friendships, here's one we never saw coming: Ariana Grande and Piers Morgan.
Yes, you read that right. The pop singer apparently bumped into the divisive British talking head at an LA restaurant on Tuesday night, and their "chat" turned into a puzzling Twitter selfie of the two together, complete with duckfaces.
Morgan posted the photo along with this caption: "So... we bumped into each other in a LA restaurant, she joined me for ‘a chat’ & 2 hours later we were still chatting. We laughed, we argued, she cried, I nearly did, the drinks flowed & we bonded. Turns out we really like each other. Weird. Thank u ⁦@ArianaGrande - next?"
Grande responded today thanking Morgan for "productive conversation," and included the hashtag "#futurefeministpiers."
What's truly strange about this encounter is that the two aren't simply strangers who got to know each other better. Morgan has made very pointed, misogynistic remarks about Grande specifically throughout the years, along with other female celebrities.
He attempted to shame Grande in 2017 for not reacting to the bombing of her concert in Manchester in exactly the way he wanted, but then later apologised after she met with injured fans and organised the One Love Manchester benefit concert.
Then, in 2018, Grande clapped back at Morgan for criticising Ellen DeGeneres and slut-shaming Little Mix for posing semi-nude in their "Strip" music video.
" [...] I use my talent AND my sexuality all the time because i choose to. women can be sexual AND talented. naked and dignified. it’s OUR choice," Grande tweeted.
She then more broadly criticised Morgan's constant targeting of women and his narrow view of femininity:
In the past, Morgan has come for Amber Rose, who promoted her annual Slut Walk (a charity walkathon to promote sexual awareness and provide HIV testing) with a revealing photo of herself. He called it "attention-seeking bullshit." He also criticised Emily Ratajkowski's 2017 photoshoot for Love magazine's advent calendar, saying that the leader of the UK suffragette movement "just vomited." Then, there was the time he made fun of Kim Kardashian's body, saying "flaws" — meaning her cellulite — "should not be celebrated." And then came the time he said he was "skeptical" of Lady Gaga when she revealed that she suffers from PTSD after being raped at 19.
All of these examples of Morgan's exceedingly poor treatment of women makes his and Grande's "bonding" moment all the more strange, but if the singer was able to get through to him at all, we might be getting somewhere.

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