Amber Rose Fires Back At Piers Morgan's Misogynistic Comments (NSFW)

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Twitter is rife with sexist trolls, but the king of them all must be Piers Morgan. The British journalist, known for making insensitive comments, got personally shut down by Amber Rose after making comments about her semi-nude photo.
The photograph is actually a promotion for her annual Slut Walk, a charity walk-a-thon to promote sexual awareness and provide HIV testing. Generally, the walk aims to subvert traditional ideas of sexuality and the misogynistic idea that women should not be sexual beings. It directly combats slut-shaming, victim blaming, and body-shaming. Piers Morgan could learn a thing or two.
Morgan replied to Rose's photo saying "Put it away, luv," both patronizing her and acting as though he as any authority over what she does. Amber Rose is not one to mess with, though. She wasted no time in replying to his comment with a witty comeback.
And that should've been the end of it. No, Morgan was just begging to be ripped apart.
It seems Morgan's problem with the photo was Rose's feminism. He thinks that "posting nude photos in the supposed name of feminist empowerment is pathetic attention-seeking bulls**t." Certainly, that's not his business. Feminism can be expressed in any way a woman wants. That's kind of the whole idea behind freedom of expression.
Rose fires back with a naked photo of Adam Levine, lead singer in Maroon 5. The two of them are the basically the same amount of nude in their respective photos. Morgan rationalizes Levine's because it's for charity, but Rose's is an actual promotional photo for a charity event. The difference? Levine's is for prostate cancer and Rose's is for female empowerment (not to mention, HIV and AIDS). Your double standards are showing, Piers Morgan.
Let this be a lesson for anyone who thinks they have a say over someone else's body. You don't.
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