Piers Morgan Is Lambasting Kim Kardashian's Body Once Again

Photo: Todd Williamson/Getty Images.
Kim Kardashian is currently on a relaxing (and twerk-filled) vacation for her sister Kourtney's 38th birthday celebration in Mexico. While there, the two sisters (along with their dozen or so guests) have been photographed via selfies, via Snapchats, and via paparazzi. The girl gang is having a superb time, filling their days with boat rides and nights with fireside cocktails.
But now, from a damp and dreary London news room, Piers Morgan is here to offer his unwarranted opinion on Kim's body. More specifically, the fact that she, a grown woman who has birthed two children, has cellulite. Yes — this was seriously the topic of conversation on Good Morning Britain, a morning talk show on which Morgan appears.
The 52-year-old, while seated between two women, went on to lambast the social media and reality television star for enjoying her time on the beach while wearing a vintage Gucci bikini. Seated next to him, host Susanna Reid applauded Kim for not being ashamed of the natural process of being a woman. (Seriously — who doesn't have cellulite?) "I think she looks fabulous in those pictures, and I am glad that those pictures are a little more honest," she said. As she is talking, Morgan began rifling around papers and scowling — it's clear he's amping up to say a refutal as Reid continued, commenting that the photo will be lauded by real women who see it: "I think women will embrace it. It absolutely is to be celebrated."
"I feel like 'celebrate' is the wrong word. What did you conquer because you have cellulite?" Morgan asked, before mockingly raising his voice and singing, "Woo-hoo I've got cellulite!"
Marie Claire also reports that Morgan went so far as to say that he has the right to judge her appearance because of products she sells on her Kimoji site. "Flaws should not be celebrated. My thoughts are, she's just launched her new emoji of her backside next to an ashtray — which she's called it 'ass tray' — so I think her posterior is fair game." Unfortunately, making fun of female celebrities is not new territory for the Twitter troll.
Things escalated further when Morgan retweeted Marie Claire's article on the matter.
He seems to not understand that there is a huge difference between women talking about, and to, other women about their bodies, and a man talking down to or mocking women's bodies. And I wouldn't put too much money on the idea of him ever realizing that crucial difference.
There really is only one perfect response to Morgan's unprovoked insults, and it comes straight from Kim herself.

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