Chelsea Clinton & Merriam-Webster Alley-Oop On Piers Morgan

Disgraced newspaper editor Piers Morgan literally can't stop getting dunked on. He's been roasted by J.K. Rowling, cancelled on by Ewan McGregor, and owned by Emily Ratajkowski. And the latest pair to victimize the Celebrity Apprentice winner are Chelsea Clinton and Merriam-Webster, which is doing this sort of thing a lot lately. Clinton had the alley, Webster had the oop. Morgan played the hapless defender getting utterly ruined by a dictionary. Clinton tweeted, in response to his attempt to troll J.K. Rowling, with a request for our nation's saltiest reference book.
And, true to form, Merriam-Webster complied.
Is that savage? We'll add some more: Boor, bore, clown, dope, dingus, failure, flake, fink. You get the idea. Not saying that those words apply to a certain former America's Got Talent judge (not Howard Stern) who shall remain nameless, but just keep them in your hip pocket. You know, next time an English TV host who can't successfully ride a Segway pops off.

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