Chris Evans' Brother Is Your Favourite New Grace & Frankie Character

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When Grace and Frankie's Oliver walks back into the lives of Robert Hanson (Martin Sheen) and Sol Bergstein (Sam Waterston) in season 5, you might notice something naggingly familiar about him.
Yes, he popped up for a bit of season 4 drama last year — remember Robert suggested Oliver might be gay and therefore maybe shouldn’t marry his female fiancée? — and is finally returning to the San Diego fold. But it’s more than that.
Something about Oliver's features, or his haircut, or his very specific cadence might remind you of someone you’re used to thirsting over every summer for the last decade. And, that’s because the very symmetrical man who plays Oliver, Scott Evans, is brother to none other than Captain America himself, Chris Evans.
Yes, Chris Evans’ little brother is on Grace and Frankie, and he’s fantastic. That is no surprise if you’ve ever seen the brothers kill it at flip cup. Or watched them sing their favourite Disney movie songs. Or heard about their unforgettable (and pretty gross) childhood pranks.
While Scott Evans entered the Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin-led series last year, his role as the probably-gay Oliver felt like a narrative stunt. His character, and his wife-to-be Jo (Degrassi alum Stacey Farber), forced Grace and Frankie’s elders to ask, “If you could go back and end your marriage before it began, would you?” For Robert, the answer was a “Hell yes,” so he confronts Oliver about his sexuality in a bungled attempt at helping. That understandably alienates Robert from his new neighbours and, as usual, creates lots of wacky problems in its aftermath.
However, Oliver grows past his job as a cog in the Grace and Frankie wheel with season 5. This time he appears in nearly half the season and is revealed to be an extremely talented singer. Eventually, the younger, handsome guy steals Robert’s dream role in The Man of La Mancha. There’s also a very fun bit about Oliver and his dog expertise. If you love cute pups and members of the Evans family — as all their public moments confirm you should — that midseason detour is very much for you.

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